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Nama Chocolate

March 26, 2016


If you haven’t tried nama chocolate, you’ve been missing out. It is the Japanese version of chocolate truffles, ever so creamy and slightly chewy. Last time I was in Japan, I bought back 10 packs of Royce Nama Chocolate because it was significantly cheaper in Japan than in the US. When we ran out, I started searching and testing out different recipes until I settled on a good one.

Before you start, make sure that all of your utensils and anything that touches the chocolate are dry. Even a drop of water can cause the melted chocolate to seize, that is, turning it into a grainy, lumpy mess. I learned this the hard way :(

Here are the ingredients:


Ingredient list for nama chocolate.

  • 200g of dark chocolate. I prefer 70%, but you can also substitute with semi-sweet chocolate. I tried 80% dark chocolate once and found it to be too bitter. DO NOT use milk chocolate because it will mess up the consistency.
  • 100ml of heavy whipping cream. 
  • Up to 2 teaspoons (10ml) of good liquor, optional. Here I busted out my 17 year-old whiskey, but you can use dark rum instead.
  • 1 Tablespoon of unsweetened chocolate powder.



1. Break the chocolate bars into small pieces to help them melt quicker.


2. Slowly heat the heavy whipping cream on low heat, stirring occasionally. Do not let the cream get too hot or both the cream and chocolate will separate. If you want to be safe, use a double-boiler instead.


3. When the cream start to have tiny bubbles on the edge of the pan, turn off the heat and add the chocolate, stirring gently to melt. The chocolate should not be heated above 120F (49C) or it will separate. I also learned this the hard way :(


4. Add in the liquor. Line a small, 6-inch cake pan with parchment paper, pour the melted chocolate in and smooth out the surface. The chocolate should not be thicker than an inch. Don’t forget to lick off the leftover in the pan :)


5. Let cool completely until the chocolate has set before moving it to the fridge for 4 - 5 hours, until it firms up.


6. Warm a sharp knife in hot water, wipe dry and cut the chocolate into bite-size pieces. Sprinkle the unsweetened cocoa powder on all sides. I couldn’t capture this process because it was really early in the morning and I hadn’t had my coffee yet.


Place is small cupcake liners and voila!

Besides cocoa powder, I’ve also tried adding a small teaspoon of matcha powder to cover the chocolate pieces, which adds a slight bitterness to it. 

Technically, you can make any amount of nama choco as long as the ratio of heavy whipping cream (in ml) to chocolate (in grams) is 1:2. However, it is pretty to mess up the melting process, or the cooling process, so I suggest making them in small batches. The chocolate can be refrigerated for up to a week, but tastes much better if enjoyed immediately. And if you choose to add liquor, go easy on the booze. Don’t add more than 2 teaspoons or the chocolate won’t set properly. Good luck!